Have you guys missed me?? I have missed all of you oh so much! Believe me, I would much rather be blogging than updating status reports and press preview reports all day, but alas that is what has been filling up all of my time as of the last couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I will have a full-fledged summary of my trip home and to NY, but today I am still swamped with work so this will be a super short post just saying hi and that I missed you and promise never to neglect you this long ever again.

On a sexy side note, the wonderful cold LA weather had me turning on the space heaters at work which has caused my allergies to go on overload. I'm sitting at work with a kleenex stuffed up my nostrils and have sneezed upwards of 50 times so far today.

Hope you are all having a much more enjoyable Monday! (Fun game: which two images don't "belong")

If you guessed the sexy shirtless man and pug in pug slippers, you win the Monday prize! (My used kleenex)

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