Holy Balls It's Hot Outside

I haven't done a good old fashioned weather rant in awhile, so I thought I would take this 101 degree LA day to go ahead and say WTF Mother Nature?!? This weather is disgusting and completely unfair!! It's FALL! I've been waiting 6 months surrounded by fall clothes just yearning to put on a thick poncho and some leather leggings. I did NOT want to be stuck in my jean shorts and sweating in my boots. I'm serious I think there was a puddle in my boots when I got to work this morning. Your welcome for the TMI. I also had major pit stains in my silk shirt, in case you were wondering.

Today I am reluctantly posting a bunch of stupid summery looks because it's too depressing to look at fall clothes right now. Although these are pretty cute, so maybe I'll try them out before I head to NEW YORK in 10 DAYS. YEsss.

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