Holy Hell, What Am I Going to be for Halloween?

Halloween. What was once my favorite holiday has gone from a happy occasion to a dreaded one in the matter of a year. First of all, let's just get this out there, I hate scary shit. I once was forced to watch The Exorcist at a friend's party in high school because it was a boy/girl party, and I didn't want to look like a loser covering my eyes and crying in the corner. I'm pretty sure I slept with all the lights on for a week (year) afterwards. Scariness + Megan= Bad. Just, bad. But for some reason, I always loved Halloween. The trick-or-treating and outfit planning were my favorites growing up. Even though I probably went as a cheerleader for an embarrassingly consecutive amount of Halloweens, it was still always fun thinking of what I wanted to be.

This joy for costumes lasted all the way up until just recently, when joy turned into a headache very quickly. Last year, I dressed up like Selena (yes the late Mexican popstar, no not Gomez). I knew I wanted to be Selena for a full 6 months before Halloween and even put a reminder in my phone for October 1st (I know, I'm creeepy). I bedazzled a bra and teased the shit out of my hair. It was great. The year before that, I can't remember what I was, but I'm sure I was excited about it. This year... I have no idea what to dress up like. And another big problem... Los Angeles. Apparently living in LA means that much like on the movie Mean Girls, girls are supposed to just slut it up and put creativity on a back burner for Halloween. NOT okay. I refuse to put on some lace corset and ears and go as a slutty cat. So sorry, but I'd rather put on 25 coats and put trash in my hair and go as the woman I pass on my way to work everyday. (To be fair, she probably has quite the selection of vintage coats). Actually, that's not a bad idea, I'll add that one to my list.

Since I'm heading back on Friday from NY, and I'm heading to STL this Friday, I have exactly 4 days to figure out 2 nights of costumes. So far I'm at zero, unless you count the homeless idea I just discussed. So below are some ideas that I've thrown together today. And yes, I did ask the interns to think of costumes for me as part of their tasks for the day. One of them actually was able to think of something, props to her.

So here are my idea (and the intern's) ideas:

1. Pretty Woman
Other than the fact that this is one of my favorite movies, I feel like it's mega appropriate since I'm living in LA now and actually know where Hollywood Blvd. is located. I definitely wouldn't want to go as Vivian circa whenever she got classed up. I'd be the whore-y version because duh, whores have more fun. I need to find someone to be my Kit though. Any takers?

2. Amy Winehouse
Okay to be fair I dressed up like her when she was in her prime circa 2007, but now that this is posthumous costume, I feel like it is acceptable to bring it back. Plus all I need is a black wig since I have plenty of liquid eye liner and jean shorts. Is it too creepy that she's dead though? I need some opinions on this one.

3. Dora The Explorer. The intern suggested I dress up like Dora since I have short brown hair now and speak excellent Espanol. (No, I don't.) But I'm honestly not quite sure how I would pull that look together in the amount of time I have. And Jessica Alba apparently dressed up like her last year. Yuck.

4. Pregnant Rachel Zoe. Sure, she's everyones favorite celebrity stylist turned designer, but what was more of a mindfuck than when she decided to go and get herself preggers? That bony frame supporting a child is still something my brain has yet to comprehend. I'm thinking all I really need for this costume is a blond wig, large sunglasses, red lipstick, sequined dress, fur jacket and a large starbucks coffee. I already own all of these except for the blond wig...

5. Anna Wintour. She's the world's scariest magazine editor, and gosh darnit, I love her. She never smiles, she looks like a dinosaur and there was a whole movie made about how terrifying she is. What's not to love? Props needed: Blond bob wig, giant sunnies, conservative sweater set, pissed off facial expression (check!)

Okay, five ideas?? That's it?? I need your help people! Tweet me, Facebook me, call me (since I know all of you!!) Let's make this happen!

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