Street Style at Fashion Week

I look forward to the Fashion Weeks (Yes, all of them) much like most people look forward to Christmas. Or the Barneys Warehouse Sale. It's that big for me. And you might be like, yeah duh that makes sense because you love all of the runway pictures and high fashion moments that happen during those fateful weeks. But you would be wrong my friends. I do not care about what's happening on the runways. (I'll pause for you to finish with your gasp of shock.) That's right, runway shows to me are boring. Well, boring if you aren't there experiencing the music and clothing and overall excitement. Know what is my favorite part about Fashion Week? The Street Style.

I am ALL about the crowd lurking outside the shows and not interested in what the models are wearing down the runway (but off-duty model looks, I am all about). To me, it's much more interesting to see how an entire outfit can be styled. Mixing designer looks with vintage, using both high and low end pieces to make a perfect outfit gets me much more excited than seeing boring runway looks. So in honor of the amazing street style inspiration that I found in the past weeks at all the shows, here are my favorites:

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