Poor People Like Clothes, Too.

As all of my Twitter stalkers out there know (you know who you are), yesterday my sister sent me a picture out of nowhere of her "new kitchen." Strange, since I talk to my sister on a fairly regular basis, that I was completely blindsided when this new kitchen was attached to a new house that she and her husband had recently bought. That's right, Husband. House. Holy Shit, she's an adult. All of these things wouldn't rattle me to the core of my being as much if the truth of the matter weren't that she is a mere 1 year and 9 months older than me. Fuck.

I can list what I spend money on. On a regular basis.
1. Clothes
2. Booze
3. Cheese (shredded, sliced, cubed. Good lord, I love cheese.)
4. Starbucks.

Does that list even remotely look like a list of a responsible adult? Nope. Do any of us think that in one year and 9 months this list will look any different? Nope. But just like all of my other anti-adult rants, I would like to end this post on a positive note. Being poor isn't the end of the world, or your wardrobe. We are living in a great time of fast-fashion and vintage clothes being uber-fashionable (score). So don't be lazy and go into a store and buy whatever outfit you see that looks good on the mannequin. Shimmy your way to the back of the store (Clearance section, duh), avoid the glares of the salespeople because you obviously aren't there to pay for anything over $5 and RUMMAGE through those sale bins. Emphasis on RUMMAGE. Do the same thing at vintage/thrift stores. Except instead of avoiding glares you need to keep a keen eye out for hipsters who many times can be known to swipe the good pieces from the racks. Dirty bitches.

Prime example of how this works: Today I'm sporting a shirt I got for $1. It was a hideous polyester granny button up short-sleeve shirt that I found at an Out of the Closet on Hollywood Blvd. I took it home, cut the sleeves off, buttoned it all the way and paired it with boots and leather shorts (aka Manrepelled the shit out of it). Sure Polyester and 97 degree LA temps aren't the best combo, but whatever, it was $1!

Now grab $5 and see how many pieces you can score.

This one can definitely be found for less than $5 at any thrift store. Too big? Tie it up!

Just grab a skirt like this even if it's too long but fits at the waist. They're called scissors, you can use them to cut the skirt to any length you please!

You can do this whole cute ensemble at any thrift store for less than $10, easily. Plus how stinkin cute is it??

Ok, so this is on a scary one-armed mannequin, but this dress is so Alexa Chung it's retarded.
How'd that wedding dress get in there?? Ok it's vintage, and I love it. Back off.
All white vintage outfit, great for fall.
Vintage sheer fish pants? I want to wear these to the beach. Right now.

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