Random Photo Friday

Oh dear sweet Friday, we meet again. As usual, I'm brain dead and ready to meet Jules for a strong beverage at our local watering hole. Below is a collection of random pictures that caught my attention this week.

O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this jacket. Want it. Need it. Will never own it. So unfair.

Loving red bags for the fall. Go get one. Not the one from H&M, I don't want us to be twins. JK yes I do, go get it.

Bug jewelry. Can't get enough.
Buying a felt hat for the NY trip. Wish me luck.
Hey I was here a couple weeks ago... Wish I had that dress to wear while I was there. Lucky bitch.
Found this pic in a fashion editorial. Love that above-ground pools are making a comeback.
Anja Konstantinova. She thinks she's a cat, but I still love her. This picture with her and the cat posing the same way cracks me up.

Whoever this girl is in this picture really weirds me out. I think it's her creepy smile. But I'm thinking about ombre-ing my hair kind of like this. Hopefully doing so won't make me smile like a possessed creepazoid like this girl..

Told you those were going to be random... HAVE A FAB FUCKING WEEKEND.

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