Hometown Pride

From looking at me, most people I meet out in LA are surprised to know that I'm a sports fan. But coming from St. Louis, it's hard not to be completely and totally obsessed with the Cardinals. If you haven't been to this amazing city, we are a die-hard baseball city. The summer is by far my favorite time in STL because it always means baseball games and outdoor patios and dancing with random old men at Paddy O's (good lord, I miss that place. I even miss the friendly/creepy old men.)

That's one big thing that I miss about home when I'm out here, there's definitely something almost magical about baseball season. But I would oft times get odd looks at games because even though I love the Cards, I refuse to wear a t-shirt or jersey to the game. Please. Just because I like the sport, does not mean I have to dress like I'm on the team. Being a true fan doesn't mean you have to throw your fashion sense out the window. So grab some red skinny jeans, an oversized sweater and some boots and drink a Budweiser in honor of St. Louis. You know you want to.

Go Cards.

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