Almost a glorious 3-day weekend

Super fast post since I've been scrambling to get things done today, can't believe how much I've had on my mind this week! So much crazy stuff going on in my life... per usual! But yeah this cluster of picture may seem random, but now you know why my mind is always so scrambled.

Pictures 1 and 2:
-I want to wear a cute dress to work tomorrow that I can run off to Happy Hour with the girls in that will last throughout the night. And might attract some attractive young men.

Picture 3:
-Maybe I get a quick trim on my hair this weekend? I can't stop cutting it. I think I have a scary addiction to cutting my hair.

Picture 4:
-Jules (my roommate) and I have recently started doing the "Insanity" workout with Shaun T. He has pushed us to our limits, and we just started yesterday. Good news is, we will look like this in a few weeks. Bad news, I can barely walk today.

Picture 5:
-Duh, I haven't been out in so long (a week). So I'm pumped for the weekend to get here.


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