The Emmys. "The Attack of the Red Dress"

Ok, people. The Emmys have come and gone, and many of us are left with a strange void for some unexplained reason. The show itself was quite good. Jane Lynch was really funny. Modern Family swept (which was good, but Parks and Rec deserved more love!). To Jenna's great pleasure, Downton Abbey did quite well (even though she was the only one who cared). But what left me scratching my head was the fashion. Because, let's be honest, that's why I watch.

Red was everywhere. Even people who don't pay attention to the fashion were tweeting about how much red was on the RED carpet. You don't have to be a fashion expert to know that wearing red on the red carpet is stupid. I bet all the girls who were getting dressed for the event were thinking, "Yeah I'm going to blend in with the carpet, but it's such an out-of-the-box idea, I'll stand out in the way that I blend in." Nope, wrong sister. So very wrong. Everyone went red, and you not only blended in with the ground, you blended in with every single other girl there. Tragic.

The girls who were brave enough to not wear the carpet on their bodies were still quite a bore. At this point, I would've applauded someone who taped a bunch of tie-dyed tissues to their bodies in a creative manner, because heck at least it was something DIFFERENT. I'm sad to say that my top picks are just up there because they looked good. I have seen all of these styles before. Maybe I'm getting a bit jaded, but seriously, these gowns need to start doing what they used to: stopping people in their footsteps and demanding our attention.

Okay, okay, without any more adieu I give you the Best and Worst of the Emmys 2011.

The Winners:

At least Heidi went for a different look than the typical boring gown. Yeah this looks like a head of lettuce, but I think I'm into it. Cream Christian Siriano lettuce. Yummy!

Sofia Vergara is a hottie patottie anyway. But I loved her earrings with this dress.

Emily Blunt was there? Jk. But I do like that she went with a dark blue gown. She actually looks freaking great.
Who is this? Ok, I probably should know, but I don't. I know her cheeks are that red because it was hot as shit around Emmys time yesterday. But a tip of the hat for going outside of the box with a dark, long-sleeved number.
Aubrey Plaza looked so great last night. Definitely one of my top picks. The white with the hair, the makeup and the confidence. She looked amazzzzing.
Cat Deeley. Why are you so adorable? She can do no wrong. Ever.
Who is this kid? I have no idea, but she looked better than a majority of the "famous" "actresses" in red last night.
Kristen Wiig went with a brown, ombre dress and it totally worked for her. The hair was simple, the accessories weren't over-the-top and I thought she rocked it. Plus, obvi I love her.

The Losers:

Gross!! Who is this?? I want to cry from everything going on in this look.

Love, love, love Robin (or her real name) in HIMYM. And here she actually has really adorable hair. But that neon teal dress is just wrong. I don't know why, I just hate it.

Christina Hendricks was looking all kinds of a hot mess last night. Especially since her ankle was constantly twisted and her shoes looked 3 sizes too big. Yuck.

Katie looked like a workout Barbie. Her hair was thrown up in a messy bun and the cut of that dress is just... no. No, Katie. No.

I. Hate. You. Lea. Michele.

Gwenyth tried to bring back the cropped top dress. Believe me, I loved this look back in high school. I tried to make it a thing. It didn't work. And this didn't either.

Hahahah Julianna Magulies. WORST dressed of the night. Bedazzled condom dresses should never be worn to the Emmys. Ever.

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