Random Find Friday

Alas, Friday is here. This means that soon I will be escaping the confines of my little showroom, and I will be off to perform some much needed tom foolery with my friends. Mucho excitedo that my friends Erin and Lauren are in from the STL, so that means tonight will most likely succeed in getting fairly out of hand. (Browning out? Possibly. Much cooler than blacking out).

Today, I've had the pleasure of finding some very strange and random finds on the internet, that I thought would be a tragedy not to share them with you. So below, see Random Find Friday:

Not so random, but... I want this bag. Who wants to give me an early x-mas present?? Any takers??

Ok this one isn't random either, damn it. But this outfit will be happening.

Ahh!! A wedding dress!! Single men run away! Seriously, though, me being single does not in any way detract me from looking up wedding dresses. This one's a beaut.

Ah-choo. Bless you. Would you like a piece of toilet paper from my head? Perfect for anyone with allergies or campers!

Meatloaf baby. Enough said.

Found on craigslist this morning: Dungeon Furniture for sale. The descriptions say it all.

Muhahaha I tricked you guys with the fashion pictures early on, you had no idea what scariness I had lurking at the bottom of the post!

Happy Bondage Friday!

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