Sweet, Sweet Alexa.

I have complete and total writer's block. Fridays are usually the hardest for me to think about what I want to post because all I want to do is run outside and get to the nearest liquor store. Hah I kid, I kid. No but really, I love booze. Back to my point though, Fridays. Tough to stay inspired and find cool outfits or accessories that I haven't already seen during the week.

So I think I will share with all of you an open love letter I've written for Alexa Chung. No, I'm not going to give it to her. I just wanted to get it off my chest how totally and completely obsessed in a horribly unhealthy, stalkerish way that I am with her. My ultimate goal is for her to read this and realize we were meant to be best friends and then invite me to some really cool music festival where we would drink and dance and speak in British accents (hers real, mine fake.) We'll see how well this plan works.

"Dear Sweet Alexa,

First, I want you to know that you are really fucking rad. Like seriously, I know you already know it, but you don't act like you know it which scores you major points in my book. You have the best most amazing street style, red carpet style, most likely pajama style, as well as any other type of style someone can have. You always look like you just threw on an outfit and you just happened to look flawless. It actually pisses me off a little bit because when I attempt to do this I look like a hot mess. And by hot I mean horrible. A horrible mess.

I recently cut my hair to further my transformation into becoming you. Just kidding, that's creepy. But really, I would love to switch places with you just for like a week or a couple years. Oh and I want you to know that I'm really sorry about you and Alex. You guys made a stellar badass rocker British couple. I met his bandmates in St. Louis (Missouri, it's okay, I know you've never heard of it) a year or so ago, and they spoke very highly of you. Nice lads. (See I can almost pass as a British person) I am super stoked for you to read this and for us to start shopping together and wearing oxfords and button-ups and matching bright red lipstick.


Now enjoy an unhealthy amount of pictures of her that I found via large amounts of online stalking. Major props to this site for being more obsessed with her than I am (difficult feat):http://alexachungblog.tumblr.com

Happy Friday, whores!

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