Blast from the Past

For some reason today I've been feeling really nostalgic. It was probably because I started the day off reading an article that not only talked about the time before cell phones but also touched upon Oregon Trail and Encarta. It really got me missing the times when life wasn't so cluttered with all of this damn technology. (Which seems ironic now that I'm an ONLINE and SOCIAL MEDIA publicist, but whatevs.) Check out the brilliant article on Hello Giggles here: http://hellogiggles.com/the-death-of-oregon-trail-thoughts-on-technology-today

Nostalgia hit once again when BBMing earlier (yes, there's that technology again) with my two best friends from home about when we were in high school how things were just, easier. Yeah we had our fair share of drama, but seriously, our days were mostly filled with worrying about which parent was going to pick us up from the movie theater or what restaurant we were going to walk to after that night's football game. (Duh, Imos. Or Taco Bell.)

I seriously cannot imagine growing up these days. Yeah, yeah I know I'm not ancient but I wouldn't trade my good old '90s Midwestern upbringing for anything. Below are a collection of things that are back from the 90s.

Aw they used to be so cute!

Aw, now I want to steal all their clothes.

Doc Martens. Love that they are cool again. Hate that I always wanted them in middle school and my mom made me get the knock offs from Payless that weighed 5 lbs each. Scratch that, love that she did that.

They are so much cuter now!

Jean Shorts. Loved them as a kid. Love them now.

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