Buying Swimwear in September

Anyone who knows me well (which is everyone reading this blog..) knows that I am a sucker for a good sale. I love buying everything off season. An oversized sweater in May? Yes, please. A swimsuit in September? Why not? Luckily, it's hot here all the time so when I buy a swimsuit in September, I won't have to wait a full year to throw it on.

This weekend I'm taking my first weekend trip to Palm Springs. Since apparently that place is considered to be the desert, I will be roasting in the sun for the majority of the trip (yay!). In addition to some sort of weight loss plan that will have me losing 10 pounds in a week while still feasting on peanut m&ms everyday, I also need to find a cute swimsuit and cover up. I plan on living in my swimsuit all weekend.

My rules to swimsuit shopping are simple:
1. Never spend more than $50 on a full swimsuit. Ever.
2. Full coverage bottoms are a must. My dear LA-native friend Kourtney explained to me that everyone has their butt hanging out of their suits in LA. This is something that I will never enjoy. Perma-wedgies aren't sexy to me. Especially with an ass the size of mine.
3. Bandeau tops are a girl's best friend. No tan lines AND you don't need boobs to look good in them.
4. Mix and Match. I rarely wear a matching swimsuit. Unless the matching pieces don't match... in that case, I'm all for it.

That's it! I'm sure you all enjoyed this early-fall swimsuit post. Especially since the majority of you reading are in the Midwest. Muahaha. Be jealous. And then shut up and go run through the falling leaves, you lucky bitches!

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