Elizabeth who?

My post on the '90s yesterday brought back my obsession of stalking the Olsen twins. Do people still even call them that? They are so mature now, everyone probably just refers to them as MKA. I never will. They will forever be the Olsen Twins to me. And they will be singing and dancing with daisies in their hair. Just like they should be.

Lately, everyone seemed to be so obsessed with them that I had to hold back my scary obsession. I don't like to follow the trendy obsessions, I like to be original in who I stalk like a deranged fashion-hungry psycho. But luckily, now that Elizabeth Olsen has taken the front and center, I can now freely go about yelling out to strangers how much I LOVE these two little bursts of sunshine.

I'm really not a fan of Elizabeth. She just seems too.. what's the word for it.. bitchy. Or too pure. I can't decide which. But anyway, she rubs me the wrong way. And she's too tall to be an Olsen. Anyone else? Yeah, you totally agree.

Ok enough chatting, I have things to do. Here are my recent obsession frenzied pictures of the gals.

Eww Slut!!

Big shout out to Olsens Anonymous for feeding my obsession.

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