Menswear by Megan

Bilson's back, bitches. Last night I decided to give Hart of Dixie with Rachel Bilson a shot. Sure, the only reason I like her is because of her impeccable style. But still, I was curious to see what the show was all about. Well the two things I took away from it were A.) The kickass soundtrack. Hello! They played great country music throughout the whole episode (yes I love country music, laugh it up) and B.) Her style was dead on. Apparently this was thanks to an old Gossip Girl stylist who moved out to LA and styled Rachel on this show. It was pure brilliance, I was loving all of her looks.

Specifically, I loved all of the menswear looks they were putting her in to show her "serious, doctor side". For fall, I love, love LOVE menswear everything. Loafers, trousers, button-up shirts... you name it, if a man can wear it, I want it. I started to realize that I so rarely ever check out mens fashions. Don't get me wrong, I will do a double-take (okay, triple take) of a guy on the street who can dress himself. There is something great about a man who just knows how to throw an outfit together and look totally effortless. Note to men: your hot factor goes up a million points if you have easy style that looks timeless. Here's what all men need to be hot:

1. A great fitting, dark wash jean
2. A classic t-shirt, well made. (I love a good v-neck)
3. A great fitting jacket
4. A classic pair of boots
5. Ray ban sunglasses
6. (optional) A nice watch

Girls, you know I'm right. Guys ruin their look so much by throwing on ill fitting jeans in horrible washes and trying to do some graphic tee and an awful pair of sneakers. Keep it simple dudes!

And now here are my fav. mens looks and menswear-inspired looks:

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