Lookbook. The Good. Bad. And Ugly.

So I've been a fan of Lookbook.nu for years now, and at first it served as a constant source of fashion inspiration. I couldn't have enough. I would check it morning, noon and night to get together ideas for new outfits (ie, it was my fashion porn). To this day, I still check Lookbook every single day. Sometimes I find a look or two that I love, sometimes I'm totally disappointed. Either way, I check it. Every. Single. Day.

Today, I thought I'd show you some winning and losing looks from Lookbook today so you see what I'm talking about.

How was everyone's weekends? Mine was excellent. Sports wise, all of my teams lost. But friends wise, I got together with old friends and made some new ones. Overall, a successful weekend.

Now for my excellent Lookbook commentary.

The Good (and why):

Easy, casual and chic. Throwing on a sweater, a bun and some boots and running out the door. It never goes out of style.

"I'm a sun-drenched hippie." This girl makes the casual oversized tee and suede shorts look like staples that should be in any wardrobe.

Simple shorts, simple top, simple boots. Simply awesome. Don't throw on a bunch of dumb accessories if they make you look um.. dumb. And her bag is amazing. I need to find out where I can get one just like it.

Felt hats are huge for fall. Go get one. They are sold everywhere. Don't believe me? I tried on one at pretty much every store at the mall this weekend. All are under $30, and spruce up any fall look. This girl took my advice.

The Bad:

Just because you have money, doesn't mean you have good style. Hey thanks for zooming in on that Prada bag, now I can totally ignore the fact that you're wearing a hideous shirt dress and equally gross red necklace. Good thinking.

Ummm.. What the F is this? No, seriously. I'm scared. But on a happy note, they do remind me of my MUDD jeans in middle school.

This girl thought it would be cool to jump the bandwagon and grab some Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Oh gosh, bad idea. Not cute. Way overdone.

At first you might be like, "Hey wait Megan, that's a felt hat. You said those are in for fall!" Yes, you are right, the felt hat can stay. But I would like her to ditch the equally overdone Romwe galaxy pants that we have now seen everywhere. Cool, you have a solar system on your pants. Now go put on something else, please.

The Ugly:

Holy crap. Did my brain just explode? Or is this girl really sporting not only my previously stated horrific Jeffrey Campbell Litas as well as a Romwe Galaxy dress, but the Litas are galaxy print?? Mind. Blown.

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