Tattoos: Great Perma-Accessory or Life Ruiner?

When I moved out here, the guy I was dating at the time told me that everyone he knows who moves to LA comes back with a tattoo. At the time, I thought that was kind of a stretch. I mean, I've never been against getting tats, but I definitely didn't think that the fact I was moving across the country would change my opinion on them. To me, tattoos make guys hotter. Show me a clean cut, all-American guy and then throw some scruff and tattoos on him, and I'm smitten. Back home in St. Louis this was my type and now that I'm out here nothing has really changed. (Although, I must say they are much easier to find out here..)

But lately I've been having an urge to get some ink of my own. Good idea or bad idea? Personally, I would not get one in an attempt to be the polar opposite of Kat Von D. Whom I hate with a passion. However, I always tell people (jokingly) that I wouldn't just get one tattoo, I'd get a whole sleeve if I were throwing in the towel. But now I'm kind of thinking of getting one, something not too big on my forearm. Then I think about all the girls I hate who have tattoos, and I'm back at square one. Plus, there is one huge drawback. The permanence.

Story time. I decided to get my hair cut on a whim. I cut off 10 inches the day after I decided I liked short hair better than long hair. Sure my short hair is fine, but many times I curse my decision when I am forced to wear a bra because my hair no longer doubles as a nipple cover. (It seriously helped, especially with see-through tops.) So what I'm saying is, hair grows back. But tattoos are forever. And knowing me, I will eventually hate whatever quote, symbol, unicorn/rainbow combo I decide to get drawn on me in ink.

For now, I'm definitely not getting one. If only for the fact that it will make my ex wrong about his LA tattoo theory. Ha, in his face.

Examples of people who can pull off tattoos and look badass:

Look they're best friends. And they have lots of tattoos. This shows that maybe if I get tattoos, I'll have more friends too.
He's a dark and mysterious type who likes abstract tattoos. Sexual.
I will never be this cool. Ever. I give up.
She is letting people know she enjoys music with her back. This is talent, people.
Erin Wasson. Fuck you. You are way too fucking cool.
Some type of quote? Is her back a quote? Either way, she seems cool.
Well, hellooo there. Hottie alert!
What I want. What would it say? "Aren't these tattoos cool?" "Let's be friends."
V-neck. Sleeve of tats. Holy shit.
Suspenders and tattoos, deadly combination.
Oh, Hanneli. Tatted and angelic.
I. Just. Died. (and went to heaven)

Now go get inked up, fools.

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