This heat is seriously torture. Torture I tell you!! When all I want is a nice cool breeze, some leaves changing color and a thick sweater, I'm faced with 97 degree temperatures and sweat-drenched everything. Not cool. Literally. Below are some things that are more summery, because if I look at one more thing that is fall-oriented I will probably have an emotional breakdown.

How was everyone's holiday weekend? I spent mine eating my way across LA. And drinking a bit as well of course! Today I am looking forward to some major working out and hopefully losing the 45 pounds I put on from the burger, pizza, breakfast burrito, grilled cheese with chili cheese fries and olive garden meal that were only a fraction of what I ate this weekend. (This is not a joke.)

Being fat and hot is not the best combination. Hopefully I'll sweat off some lbs. Happy Tuesday!


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